sabato 26 luglio 2008

Meet Carlotta- The Concierge of Casa Chilenne B&B, Cortona, Italy

Welcome to Carlotta's Cortona Corner...Carlotta has just taken on the new job of official concierge for her family's B&B- Casa Chilenne at Via Nazionale, 65 in Cortona, Italy.
Cortona has always been a special place which has attracted visitors from all over the globe for centuries. It is a town who's history is archeologically traced to roughly 600B.C. but oral history tells us of origins which can be traced even further back.

This blog is a place for Carlotta to share her special Cortona with you as well as special friends, four-legged and not, who she would like you to meet in the area.
She hopes to share with you a fresh point of view of her hometown and the people and places that make it special. Please check back for all the latest news!

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tapmouse ha detto...

Cool pics! Thanks for sharing, Carly!

Carlotta ha detto...

Thanks for visiting my blog-hope you'll visit often for more updates.