venerdì 23 gennaio 2009

The Power of Love

Well, it is official, it's that time of twice a year when Carlotta's charms are apparent even to the male dog world. Her popularity has swelled, and, as always, it is the arrival of Tappo the Ba-a-a-d dog in town that gives us the first and only sign (Photo by Robin Davis, on sale at La Tabaccheria del Corso). He pops up like clockwork and starts his courting sit-in outside our door. Taking a walk with Carlotta becomes an agonizing and comical (to others) affair. It seems that I have two dogs, one on a leash and the other tied by the leash of pheromones behind. Take two steps, "Tappo Vai a CA-SA!", another three, then "Tappo Go HOME!"--just in case he doesn't understand as he comes from a bilingual home as well. Sometimes he hides behind a parked car or ducks behind a potted plant, unaware that his crazy upward curled tail or pointed ears poke out and give him away.

Walking down Via Nazionale draws attention as Tappo is well known as being a key contributor to the gene pool of most of the dogs of Cortona and his hot pursuit is often cheered on by some of the meandering, pensioned men of the town. Others who are not fans of Tappo's questionable etiquette regarding his sanitary habits come to our aid and try to help us shoo him on his way. Of great help are merchants who have wares displayed on racks outside their doorways (for understandable reasons).

There must be something incredibly strong and desirable in the bloodline of Tappo, as it seems that he is the Canine Latin Lover par excellance-admittedly, he holds some sort of charm for Carlotta, quite to our horror. We imagine a new line of "Tapponcini" coming forth-a fate almost sealed last February when Carlotta slipped past the workers who were coming in to the door to work on the B&B and ran off with that peg-legged rascal. A terror fed chase ensued. As I called for her vainly, I was soon called on my cellphone by Enzo our taxi driver friend (see Cortona friends blog entry) who informed me that he had seen Carlotta dash through the townhall square (still wearing her Landsend jacket) with Tappo in hot pursuit. I back-tracked as I had head in the opposite direction-met Enzo in the square and we gave chase towards the top of town to Tappo's house (or should I say lair!) in his taxi. Alas, they were not there. Desperate, I decided it was time to notify Luciano at work-upon delivering the news I received a blue streaked earfull of Tuscan "bestemmia" D.O.C. followed by a slamming down on the other end of the line.

With nightmare images of the possible stumpy, curly haired, pointy eared, offspring which could be in the making at that very minute, I returned back down to the main part of town to continue my search. Back at Casa Chilenne she hadn't returned. I met up with Luciano at the house, he had run toward home to see if they had returned. We parted ways again. I going toward town hall on foot and him going towards the park. After 27 minutes of adventure they both came running down toward Luciano from Santa Margherita, Carlotta still with her jacket in place. Santa Margherita was looking down on us that day (she is the patron protector of wayward women) and procreation did not happen (to our immense relief).

One may say, why don't you get her fixed...I guess we selfishly and sentimentally,just can't bring ourselves to renounce having a little bit of our Carlotta carried on in future generations, of course fathered by an appropriate mate of our choosing. Perhaps Tappo is a little wiser than us as to the ways of love and the world and has other plans in store. And so, he lies in wait-

At Casa Chilenne this February we are honoring the power of love. The Comune has organized Valentine's Day weekend events and promotions including an artisan chocolatier event, concerts and our historic flag juggling company.

We know that love can't be scheduled so we're celebrating all month-contact us if you'll be in Cortona in February and we'll tell you about our "Power of Love" specials- very affordable love get aways in Cortona- We bow to the Power of Love ( or tel:+39 0575 603320)

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