mercoledì 8 aprile 2009

Loss of Love, Keeping the Faith and Hope

With the recent earthquake in Abruzzo, there have been emails pouring in from all over with worries and concerns that we in Cortona we're physically involved in the earthquake. Thank you for all prayers and good wishes. We are far enough from Aquila that we weren't physically affected. However, as the reality of this grave situation sinks in we can't help but be affected.

A great loss of loved ones, anyone's loved ones is always a tragedy. It is, however, heartening to witness the incredible power of humanity and charity which is pouring in from the community around us and around the world. A reminder that we are all connected. Appeals for solidarity and support for the people of Abruzzo have gone out, food, clothing and blood donations. Housing for the thousands who have been rendered homeless is being sought and offered. Rescue teams of professionals and volunteers are selflessly working gruelling hours to help reunite loved ones.

Loss of a love on a big or small scale touches us all. We must fill the void with faith in finding the strength to go on, inside ourselves, or reaching out and asking for it from others to hope for a brighter future ahead, no matter how dark it may seem.

We at Casa Chilenne send our love, thoughts and prayers to the victims and survivors of the Abruzzo earthquake.

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