lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Don't Be Afraid to Dream

Here is a long overdue tribute to my mom. Maybe this means I am growing up a bit. Despite our differences over the years I must say that my mom has always encouraged me to dream big, to reach far and I guess that's why Casa Chilenne exists today. She grew up in the depth of the Great Depression, 1 of 8 children and numerous cousins and relatives all under the care of my grandparents struggling to eke out a living by farming in the Sacramento Valley towns of Fairfield-Suisun in Northern California. As can be imagined times were tough, yet, when she created her own family she never stopped encouraging my sister, my brother and myself to be the best we could be. Sometimes it was a heavy load, but usually it was a reminder to us that we could achieve and excel (if only we would do as she says!). Her personal dreams seemed to be all invested in her children, which can feel like a heavy burden at times. However, as years pass and the space between us has become an ocean and a nation wide, I realize that her dreams are noble though cumbersome-she wants her children to be happy, well cared for and to have them want for nothing. She has always supported our dreams both morally and many times financially so I guess I must say that a great part of our success is hers. So here's to you MOM! Our travels together might have been a bit bumpy at times, but I can't think of anyone who could take your place. Thanks for encouraging and believing in me and my dreams. Love you!

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