mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

Non Tutti al Mare! Not everyone's at the Beach!

Traditionally summer for Italians means a trip to the seaside. This ritual is considered a neccessary pilgrimage as an insurance for good health during the rest of the year. Bathing in the seawater and in the sun are commonly believed to prevent and heal a myriad of ailments from skin conditions to chronic colds in the winter. If this is true or not is not really important as the ritual itself. At one time many Italians were away from the big cities for a great part of summer. This meant that cities became wastelands in the summer months with businesses and stores closing for a month leaving tourists with scarce services. This is no longer true. Times have changed. The Mom and Pop stores are fewer and farther between and it is difficult to find places that close for a month these days. Cities are starting to organize events to fill the summer months for children and adults. In Cortona we have "campi solari" with sports and activities for children at the city palestra, every year the MAEC museum organizes children's day activities to make the museum's historic pieces come alive. Our swimming pool in the park should be opening again shortly and the piazza is buzzing with activities day and night. Lots of free entertainment to be had, both high and maybe not so high brow. Right now the Festa di Musica Sacra is underway with concerts throughout the different churches of town by local and visiting choirs. Last night St. Georges School choir of England gave a lovely concert in San Domenico. On Sunday, July 15th, there will be another free performance of the Symphonic Orchestra and choir of Arezzo conducted by visiting virtuoso conductor Anthony Archaini in Teatro Signorelli at 9:15 pm. We are looking forward to the new Cortona Mix festival. This arts festival which is organized by the Regione of Tuscany, Province of Arezzo, Comune of Cortona along with Feltrinelli Editors is promising to provide quality entertainment from July 28th -August 5th. We are proud to be supporters again of the second edition of "Cortona on the Move" International Photography workshops and exhibitions. Professional photographers as well as novice and hobbyists will come together to study or show examples of their work and share knowledge. For the occassion many spaces which are usually closed to the public have been opened to make exhibits around the city and provide glimpses into hidden treasures of the city off the beaten path.Photographers of international fame in journalism or for their artistic works will transform these spaces into provocative experiences. Summer is the time when Cortona comes alive both day and night. Don't be fooled into believing there's nothing going on-

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