lunedì 24 novembre 2014

Where the Wild Things Are...

We are fortunate to have talented artists and designers still striving to intrigue us with interesiting and beautiful designs. If you haven't already found him, be sure to drop-in to visit the gallery of Antonio Massarutto just below Casa Chilenne.

Antonio is an  award  winning designer who won distinction for himself while still a student at l'Accademia di Arti Applicate di Milano. He creates sculpture, wearable and not  in the form of jewelry, handbags and what Daisy and Carlotta appreciate most as Ecotaxidermy!  Using recycled or recuperated materials he creates ironic and amusing sculptures which resemble hunting trophies of days gone by, or images of animals.

A boarhead made of antique bishop's vestments, or upholstry scraps, leather and nails, even foam rubber.
An intriguing majestic polarbear made of chicken wire,  the essential lines captured to give it mass and presence, but with a shift of light, he fades away, disappears- hopefully not an omen of this majestic beast's destiny.

With a bit of irony he provokes irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs run free- immortalizing the pose which he sees too often on his doorstep with a life-sized dog made of duct tape.

Black bristol board becomes an inky boar, lurking in the corner of the showroom while a dauchund, patiently awaits an owner.

Antonio has often said that he tests the success of his animal creations based on Daisy's reaction to it- she has been fooled a few times by the packaging tape dogs,  foraging paper boar and upholstry fabric deer with tree branch antlers.

His website is  for those interested  in seeing a rhinoceros made of potato sacks and other wonderful things...

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