martedì 20 aprile 2010

Chicken Little

It's important that the skies be safe to fly in before planes take off. We are experiencing a few postponements of visits due to flights being cancelled from England and Ireland, otherwise life here as been pretty much "as usual". No need to worry about lack of food or supplies, nor mass exodus on our commuter trains which bring people from Florence or Rome to Cortona. No air quality warnings, there is calm- and Spring though a bit fickle this year about making a definitive commitment to staying, has been gracing us with visits. Nothing which sells newspapers and fills television news space has been happening so far.

Life is almost excruciatingly ordinary as we await visitors who will come to enjoy Cortona. The skies were blue and the sun started to warm the stones of the piazza today and it took a bit of coaxing to get Daisy (Carlotta's six month old baby!) to continue moving along without throwing herself down in Piazza della Repubblica to soak up some early spring sun. The swallows snuck up on me again this year (drats!) ; I missed again the exact day of their arrival.

Our little corner of paradise is being transformed by Spring- we're ready to welcome you home.

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