sabato 8 maggio 2010

Viva la Mamma!

Many of you already know about the biggest news in Casa Chilenne for 2009. It was the arrival of 4 pups on October 22. Carlotta bravely brought 2 boy and 2 girl puppies into the world. More bravely she diligently cared for them and raised them to become healthy and hearty pups who have gone out into the world with new loving families. The exception being the runt of the litter, Daisy, who has firmly instated herself in Casa Chilenne as the Queen of Everything. Carlotta is loving, patient and kind as any model mom would be, she doesn't break the bubble of illusion that Daisy has surrounded herself with.

Daisy proclaiming herself the queen of everything to her baby sister Gioia.

The first puppy to make his way into the world was a little boy. He arrived feet first and just couldn't seem to make his way out. Jeanette watched as he struggled to free his head and his little feet wriggled, then slowed as he fought his way out to face the world. Miraculously his head finally appeared, he needed some massage to get him breathing properly and get a healthier pink color to his tiny body with relief we heard a bleating cry, all was well, he had blazed the way for his siblings and during the time we had him we called him Scout.

Thinking the worst had passed it was evident that we would need to hold our breath again as another even tinier pair of hind paws appeared. The tiniest pup had started her way into the world, again, this one was determined to hit the ground running. Little Daisy was born at 4 pm, 40 minutes after her brother and weighing in at a miniscule 126 grams !

She was followed by an enormous head that belonged to a whopping 156 gram puppy boy Jake who followed and another half hour later the last girl puppy, arrived head first. Before she had been fully delivered she latched on to start nursing and we knew then that the best name for her was Gioia for the joy of life she was already demonstrating.

To announce their arrival we proudly (and a bit ironically) displayed the blue/pink/blue/pink ribbons outside our door and were surprised by the steady stream of visitors who came to visit Carlotta's pups with flower homages!

For over two months we watched in wonder as Carlotta cared for her puppies and they grew and flourished.

Soon Jake was twice the weight of Daisy yet they were inseparable. Daisy would nestle for her naps a top her big baby brother and growl and yap him into shape when he disobeyed her orders. Our vet was amazed at how well Carlotta did at nourishing them and her puppies continued to grow and flourish.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were especially joyful as our little ones filled the house with good cheer.
When the holidays were over they went to good, loving homes and received new names as well. Jake is now Pato, Scout has become Lapo and Gioia has a new name Jolie.
Probably the hardest part was saying goodbye to our pups. They are all in loving homes where they bring joy to new families. We wanted the best for Carlotta's pups and worried that she would suffer when she was separated from her offspring. But again we learned something from the animal world, the greatest satisfaction for a mother is to see her children go off into the world and thrive, it is the affirmation that even without an instruction manual that she has done her job right! Happy Mother's Day to mom's all over the world who give their love, care and nourishment to their children so that they may become thriving adults. Son tutte belle le mamme del mondo.

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Unknown ha detto...

We knew that Carlotta had puppies from one of the postings, so we were looking forward to the first pictures. The puppies were absolutely darling and we know that you enjoyed raising them. We looking forward to meeting Daisy on our next trip to Cortona. Best wishes to you all.

Diane and John Burns, Colorado

Carlotta ha detto...

Hello Diane and John! So good to hear from you-we would be happy to see you again in Cortona.
Greetings from all of us at Casa Chilenne