domenica 16 maggio 2010

Cortona's Got Talent!

Congratulations to our friend Francesca Pallini! It's always a pleasure when someone's dream comes true and eight year old Francesca has taken a big step forward toward her dream to be an entertainer. This winter Francesca participated in a talent competition organized by our local television station Teletruria called "Talenti alla Ribalta". She had participated the year before, had fun, but failed to win. This year Francesca triumphantly swept away all the awards.

There's always been something special about Francesca since she was a tiny little baby who would sing along with her mother as she strolled along in her pram. The choices of songs for the competition are hers and they surprise the judges and public because many are popular Italian songs which harken back to the 40's or 50's. One of her favorite artists is Renato Carosone who made "Tu Vuo' far l'Americano" popular in the fifties. I am going to post here a link to videos from the transmission of Francesca performing "Io, Mammeta e Tu" which is a comical story/song about a man obliged to bring his girlfriend's mother along on their dates as a chaperone. This song was sung both by Domenico Modugno of "Volare" fame and Renato Carosone.
The second link is Francesca's interpretation of Renato Carosone's "Torero" in costume!

Brava Francesca!! May all your dreams come true!
Click on or copy the links below to your browser, one at a time, to see Francesca's performances. "Io, Mammeta e Tu" and "Torero"

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