martedì 15 febbraio 2011

What the World Needs Now-

Valentine's Day fluttered in on Cupid's wings with more of a whisper of a breeze than the gusting winds of previous years here at Casa Chilenne; however, as this pink and red and heart embellished holiday passes on I can't help but think about what this holiday is really about. It is the "Festa degli Innamorati" here, the "holiday of lovers", but I want to reflect further on what this festa chock-full of roses and chocolate really is or should be.

Maybe it should be a celebration of Love in general, love of our family, ourselves, our planet, our neighbors. A reminder to find something worthy of our passion and invest our love in that person, cause, idea and hopefully make this world a better place for a friend, a lover, a child, the environment, the world, our animals, our neighbors, society in general.

Overly optimistic and naiive? Probably. Unrealistic and preposturous? Maybe. But I just can't stop believing in that romanticized notion of the Power of Love which when channeled in the proper direction can right some of the wrongs (big and small) of our world. Love ourselves, Love one another, Love our world and maybe we'll live happily ever after...

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