martedì 21 giugno 2011

Carlotta's latest news updates

Well! We're getting ready to finish up our third year of business at Casa Chilenne and it has really been a busy one so far. We've made lots of new friends and welcomed back many old ones as well.
We've been honored to be a part of so many happy occasions, weddings, anniversaries. We were thrilled when our friend Peggy from San Jose decided to come back to visit us and complete her 50th orbit around the sun here at Casa Chilenne. Jeanette was able to personally welcome her into the ranks of her newly established 50 Orbit Cadet Club (tee shirt to follow).

Our first Casa Chilenne bride and groom Yoon Hee and Feng Ze came back for a surprise visit to celebrate their almost 3rd anniversary after hosting their wedding guests here in 2008- Our most recent wedding celebration for a couple who returned with a new family member in wishes to Anna, Tyson and our new little friend Christian.

We have been blessed with experiences and memories which we'll cherish, our Christmas luncheon of homemade tortellini made together with guests from Australia on their honeymoon, Thanksgiving with my cousin who is studying abroad in Switzerland, together with our friends from Cortona and guests from Australia, one who has a wallabee and kangaroo rescue! These are just a few-life has been good to us.

More recent good news, our friend Francesca Pallini has just returned from a concert engagement with other cast members of "Ti Lascio un Canzione IV" in Montreal Canada! We are very proud of her!

The Archidado Crossbow competition has come and gone, our flag throwers, drum and bugle corps braved rain and hail as they paraded down Via Nazionale, and the winners of Peccioverarda (that's our neighborhood!) were thoroughly drenched as they made their victory promenade along Rugapiana.

And the most recent bit of information of our friend and computer whiz Martino performed a feat of magic...Casa Chilenne is now a WiFi zone! He couldn't be stopped by 4 floors of stone building. We've noticed in just 1 year's time the number of IPhones and IPads used by our guests has just increased exponentially, it was time for us to step-up and make it, here we are.
You can travel to far flung corners of the earth and still stay close to the ones you love and I guess that's one of the biggest gifts that technology can give us.

We're looking forward to launching into our 4th year of welcoming folks to Cortona. Our mission as always to provide the comforts and amenities of a fine hotel in a homey friendly atmosphere. It's been most encouraging to receive so many kind thank you notes, comments and reviews which lead us to believe we're on the right track so we'll keep plugging on. One of our most recent satisfactions was being included in an article published in "Ville e Casali" June 2011 issue which features Cortona.

Our recent goal is to start using our resources wisely for this and future generations. We have installed a reverse osmosis water purification unit so that we basically create our own great tasting mineral water, fizzy or naturale . We're saving space, we're saving fuel in transport and at the same time we're providing fresh, great tasting, high-quality drinking water. We hope you'll agree when you taste it.
We've always had motion sensor activated lights in our halls and we'll be encouraging our guests to be involved by remembering to turn out lights in their rooms when they're not needed (we need to use our monetary resources wisely as well).

Thank you for three wonderful years, we look forward to being your home in the heart of Cortona for many years to come...

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