domenica 19 novembre 2017

Hungry Hearts

  As the holidays, especially Thanksgiving arrives,  we are excited to usher in a season of caring and giving . It is so easy to get lost in the  bustle and worries, the little stuff.
It became clear to me yesterday in an unexpected way, that we should always be mindful of giving true hospitality at Casa Chilenne.
  Cortona has become a special place to so many people not just because of the sites, but because of their experiences here with the people they've met.   We are a small community, still willing to take a moment to welcome another into our fold, especially when one enters with the same love and appreciation of our little paradise.  We unexpectedly loss a person who had been a guest in our home multiple times. He came back always  happy and astounded to find his place waiting for him.  Pleasantly surprised when the fruit vendor remembered him, or the tobacco shop owner said hello, or that the family at the coffee bar were happy to greet him and welcome him back as he proudly modelled the shirt they'd sent him. I truly believe that it was this feeling of community and friendship that brought this man back to us again and again. The world can become a lonely place, even in a crowd if we lose our sense of caring for our fellow citizens of this earth, if we stop taking the time to engage and reach out.

  This holiday season and always, we will strive to make everyone feel welcome at our table -  and we feel blessed to be able to share this beautiful place with others.


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